THREE fraudsters caught during a probe into a 2005 murder in Brent have been ordered to repay more than £180,000.

Tharani Satkunananthan, 28, of Kingston Upon Thames, Vyon Silvanathan, 28, of Barnet, and 21-year-old Jessica Sohan, from Enfield, were ordered to pay back the money yesterday at Harrow Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The three were found out after officers investigating the murder of Douglas Yogarasa on February 6, 2006, searched Sohan's house in Enfield.

They found an Adidas holdall hidden in the ceiling of Sohan's loft bedroom containing £32,570 in cash, 60 bogus credit and debit cards, and mobile phone top-up cards which had credit card details uploaded onto them.

There was also a chip and PIN machine, data to help track credit and debit cards, and the account numbers of over 300 cards.

Further investigations showed dozens of bank accounts had already been plundered, with £60,000 taken in bank card fraud alone.

A bank account had been set up in the name of 'A Raj' by Silvanathan, and Satkunananthan had been siphoning money from her employers into the account.

Satkunananthan was ordered to repay £135,503, has to repay £37,565.77, and Sohan must return £10,000.

All three were convicted at Harrow Crown Court and jailed in 2007. Thuthipaalasundaran Mathialakan, 22, of Tudor Road, Harrow, and Gajamugan Poobalasingham, 30, of Ovesdon Avenue, Harrow, were also involved in the scam and were jailed.

However, they were not pursued in the courts in a Proceeds of Crime hearing because police understand they do not have any money to pay back.

The fraud was uncovered as part of a murder investigation into the fatal shooting of Mr Yogarasa in Queensbury Road, Kingsbury on December 11, 2005.

A white van was spotted leaving the scene of the murder, but despite a £20,000 reward for information being put up, the killers have never been caught.

Detective Chief Inspector Pete Lansdown of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command said: “Despite this success at court, the murder of Douglas Yogarasa remains unsolved and anyone who has any information, who felt they could not come forward at the time of the murder is urged to speak to police in confidence."

Anyone with information can call 0208 358 0200, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.