SUPERMARKET giants Tesco have bought the now closed down Woolworths branch in Wealdstone.

The company is looking to set up a Tesco Express store at the site, in High Street, and will soon put in a planning application to change the shop sign, install a cash machine and put in plants at the back of the building.

Milan Shah, vice chairman of Wealdstone Traders' Association, said: “It's very good news. Woolworths is an eye sore because it's right in the heart of Wealdstone, where the traffic lights are.

“Any shop which is full, which will bring more people into the area is good.”

Many traders feared the collapse of Woolworths would hurt the area, saying it brought in people who then used other shops as well.

James Wiggam, a spokesman for Tesco, said: “We recognise that this is a good opportunity to make use of the store and provide a new shopping opportunity in Wealdstone.”