I HAVE often passed this pub and been intrigued as to what goes on inside because the exterior gives out a mixed message.

On one hand it looked like it could be a warm cosy country-style pub, while on the other it could be a local drinking den with a band of gruff regulars.

The truth is somewhere in between. The regulars are certainly not gruff, and one was quite apologetic because he couldn't offer me a stool to sit on.

Jim, who I assume is the landlord,was also a pleasant chap, provided service with a genuine smile and always with something to say to his regulars.

Still, at £2.40 for a pint of Carlsberg, he has to do something to make them go back.

There was a lively atmosphere during my visit as Chelsea were getting beaten by some Vikings which seemed to split the pub into two factions.

But the majority of customers seem to be couples of all ages so it's a good place to take your other half for a drink.

There is another room leadingfrom the bar, but thanks to said couples, no seats were available there either. So it was standingroom only for me.

Unfortunately I'd had a hard day, so slumping into a chair with a pint was my vision for the evening and it meant going elsewhere on this occasion.But make no mistake, I will be returning soon to sample some more of Jim's hospitality and the regulars' friendliness.