IT is a very bright pub, with very warm colours such as orange and red.

I went to the bar and got served straight away by a friendly barlady. I had a glass of Hardy's chardonnay and a bottle of Stella. However they do not do pints of Stella or Fosters much to my colleagues dismay. They only do pints of Carling and Carlsberg.

My bill came to £4.95 and I decided to find a seat.

They have a variety of seating, sofas for people who like to sit and relax and have a comfortable drink, to stools. I opted to perch on a stool. I noticed there was quite a crowd of men, with their eyes fixed on the television which was showing golf. Although I have to admit that there were plenty of televisions so everyone has access to watch the sport that is shown.

Overall it is a pub that you would go to to watch the football rather than a quiet drink. I could also tell that by the clientel.

They have a couple of pool tables and fruit machines for entertainment but I think it would be the ideal pub to go to with your mates if you wanted to watch the sport with a bottle of Stella.