DESPITE its name, panoramic views of the resplendent waters of Aldenham reservoir The Fishery does not boast.

OK, you can just about see the water if you're lucky. But you have to squint through a chainlink fence and lots of foliage, and across a road negotiated by drivers who think they are trialling for McLaren.

On the way in I noted the wheelchair ramp, and thought that could be handy when I leave.

The first thing that hit me inside was how empty the pub was. A few people eating, a few people chatting and not a lot else. Perhaps Saturday night regulars at the Fishery had gone fishing.

Its a very long bar and very high, perhaps that's why the barman was so very tall.

I liked the look of the pub, a few nautical trinkets on show in keeping with the Fishery theme, but I couldn't help thinking it had the atmosphere of a damp bus shelter.

I thought the drinks were expensive too - a pint of Stella and a 'cardi Breezer cost £5.82. Glad I wasn't eating. Having said that the food looked very big. But I suspect it was a case of never mind the quality...

I did note there is a quiz night every Wednesday. If I was setting the questions, number one would be, "where were all the customers on Saturday night?"