THIS quaint little pub is full of quaint little regulars who prop up the quaint little bar.

Actually, they don't so much prop up the bar as rest their ageing frames on the collection of equally ageing bric-a-brac furniture.

The pub has a real cosy feel and is something of a cross between the set of a Lovejoy episode and my aunty Ethel's lounge. It is idylically set overlooking Chorleywood Common which adds to the film set feel.

The lounge bar is so tiny that you can't avoid eavesdropping in fact, you feel rather inclined to join in others' conversations.

Today the pub's senior debating society was pondering the health of a lazy old black Labrador sitting in one corner of the bar and the merits of a band of Morris dancers who came calling the day before.

Despite barmaid Kelly's assertions that £200 was raised for charity as a result of their visit, customer John wanted to see the dancers flogged. (It seems this "dam rabble" ruined his lunch).

At the rear of the pub there is a large dining area, but chairs were stacked on tables in a rather nursery school fashion so I didn't get a sight of the grub on offer. Judging by the rest of the pub I am sure it would have been "traditional".

A pint of Scrumpy Jack cost £2.60 and very well it went down too. I'm determined to go back to try the place again, and to eat, but preferably after the publican's wife has finished the patisserie course she has just started at Ealing college. I can't wait.