AT the moment, I'm searching for somewhere new to live, and there's nothing more stressful than agents turning up late, or not turning up at all.

After one such episode on a Friday I desperately needed a drink and, being early for my next appointment, decided to pop into the Estcourt Arms, near to where the property was, for a swift one.

What a shame that when I did view the property, it wasn't suitable, because the Estcourt Arms would certainly have fitted the bill as a local.

For a start, in the lounge the cricket was on the TV, while in the bar they were showing the racing so everyone was happy.

If sport isn't to your liking, however, you could always wile away your pint looking at the photos depicting how Watford used to be.

I was also impressed by the efficient and friendly barmaid, who was rushed off her feet but still endeavoured to make sure our drinks were served to satisfaction and with a smile.

There is certainly something appealing about this pub to women too, because, unusually, there were a few drinking alone in the lounge, ridding themselves of a stressful day at the office no doubt.

I did wonder what the pub opposite (The Wellington) had the Estcourt didn't, as there were dozens of people outside the former, but nobody outside the latter.

I can't find fault with the Estcourt Arms, except that it may not be near to where I move to, if I can find an estate agent who turns up, that is.