THE memories came flooding back. A few years ago 20 at least I was a semi permanent fixture in the Dick.

I revisited the pub for something of a trip down memory lane. Nothing much has changed, not even the customers they have less hair to comb and more weight to carry but the same old faces are hidden in there somewhere.

The close knit and somewhat nepotistic nature of the place was illustrated perfectly when licensee Maureen Mangan sold up after donkey's years in charge. Who bought the pub? Why, a dear friend, of course.

Carol is the new incumbent, and judging by her rapport with customers, a fine job she is doing too.

Having said that, the Dick can be a bit intimidating for outsiders.

But once the ice is broken (hopefully not over your head), it's friendly enough.

The public and lounge bars were knocked through into one many years ago.

More recently, a spacious conservatory was added and children's play equipment introduced in the small garden.

Parking's a bit tight, but then if you're planning on getting tight yourself, it makes more sense to leave the car at home.

The Dick is a sound, no frills boozer with good drink reasonably priced (a pint of cider costs £2.40, wine £1.90 a shot and house doubles £1.80 for whisky, brandy, vodka and gin).

Yes, this pub is worth a visit if you're passing, but don't go too far out of your way to get there.