YOUNGER clientele used to regard a drink at the Case as foreplay. It would be a quick pint and a Pernod and black in the pub before settling in for the night's main event in the car park.

The car park was, and probably still is, legendary among courting couples and not just because of its panoramic views over north west London. Let's be frank, its seen more action than John Motson's sheepskin and is responsible for more worn shock absorbers than all the road humps in Watford put together.

But there are other reasons for visiting this pub. For a start, it's a nice bar with a relaxed and comfortable feel. The decor is simple with lots of varnished wood and cream painted walls. Service is swift and attentive without being too in yer face.

A pint of Grolsch will set you back £2.55. You can get a jug of four pints for £10 (God, that seems a lot of money).

Similarly, a bottle of average wine, Blossom Hill, Hardy's or Kumala, will cost you £10 you can get three for that price in your average supermarket.

The menu looked extensive, but I've seen the pictures before and I grew tired long ago of the formulaic "red Thai curry, hearty bangers and mash, succulent mega grill etc etc".

The garden is great if you have children. Plenty of space to run around in and lots of apparatus underlaid with soft Tarmac.

Get there early on a Saturday morning and you may even run into some horsey gals brandishing whips and wearing tight-fitting jodhpurs.

I wonder if they drink Pernod and black...