IF you've been to a Mr Q's pub before, then you've no need to read this review, as The Beaver is just like every other pub in the chain I've been to.

Three pool tables in a dimly lit, large bar with just one or two old men drinking in there before mid-afternoon, but (I'm told) packed out afterwards.

Now as my visit was before 4pm, I can't possibly comment on the nightime clientele of The Beaver.

But a bloke carrying a toolbox definitely asked the barmaid where the broken door was, and after beginning work on it, was informed he was fixing the wrong broken door.

Must be a goldmine for carpenters then, The Beaver.

Back to the barmaid, who either wasn't pleased to be working her particular shift or wasn't pleased to see my friends and I.

She certainly wasn't pleased when one of my friends asked to place a food order, informing us that they weren't serving food though signs everywhere state food is served from noon to 11pm.

In fairness, the drinks seem cheap, with a pint of lager, an orange juice and a glass of coke costing £3.45.

I can't say I'm exactly overawed by The Beaver, but I've never been a fan of Mr Q's pubs, so I probably was never going to be.

I might go back though, if I can find out when the Battle of the Chimps advertised on the What's On board takes place.