THE Internet has enhanced our lives and given us every conceivable morsel of information compiled over the decades at the end of a www. address. All praise the omnipotent World Wide Web and its faithful servers. Harry Smiths Bar in Verulam Road, St Albans, has won the accolade from popular lads' mag FHM as the best internet bar in the South East.

A true testament to the innovation behind its "bring your own laptop" or "get a free laptop from behind the bar" scheme which will enthral pin-striped jobsworths from around the area.

"Now I can organise that all important presentation while sipping on a cheeky little white wine spritzer as I 'do' lunch" will be the cry.

If I actually manage to get a lunch break, then I want to be surrounded by people who are similarly minded, enjoying a drink with friends and colleagues as they briefly escape the pressures of the day. Pubs are a place to communicate and interact face to face, have a laugh, or even discuss the meaning of life not interfacing with the Singapore office under the illusion that you are taking a break.

When I ventured into Harry Smiths on a Thursday lunchtime I was convinced I had walked into a restaurant and spent the first five minutes looking for the pub area.

A pint of bitter cost more than £2 and my companions and I had to sit in a booth where we were asked four times if we wanted food. This would be great if we were hungry, but all we wanted was a drink. Perhaps I was being naive. It was the middle of the day, after all. But regular pubs allow you to have a drink without feeling obliged to order food.

The decor is really classy, and I'm told it's totally different at night, but to be honest I will be in no hurry to return unless I am out for a meal.

It's a great idea but not for me.