PLACES like this don't usually do it for me. I believe a cafe is for coffee and a bar is for beer probably because the alliteration makes it easy for me to remember what I'm supposed to be drinking.

But on this occasion I was quite happy in the relaxed continental-style atmosphere of Cafe Maximo.

I was nursing a tremendous hangover, and Maximo would have been the ideal place to get the hair of the dog in order to restore my equilibrium if it hadn't been for friends eating huge meals in front of me.

But the food had I been in a better frame of mind would have been very tempting, and my companions certainly seemed happy with their lot.

My only complaint about Maximos is that the loos are one flight of steps down from heaven.

If you are sat at the back of the (spacious) bar, I advise you set off early if you feel the need to relieve yourself, because it'll take you a while to get there.

Otherwise, the bar staff are friendly and chatty and there is a nice buzz in the bar. I'll certainly pop in again