The ongoing roadworks on the A41 in Edgware are causing major disruption after a new phase of the work began today (May 10).

There has been gridlock throughout the day on all routes into Apex Corner, particularly during rush hour.

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Routes affected include the A1 and A41 as well as local routes in Edgware, Mill Hill, Burnt Oak, Borehamwood, and Elstree.

Transport for London (TfL) is carrying out work on the bridge on the A41 that runs over the M1 near Apex Corner. The work began in April and will last until mid-to-late August.

Drivers were warned by TfL to expect "significant delays", but until today, it has not been as bad as some were fearing.

However, that all changed this morning after lane closures came into force on the A41 westbound.

Fron today until June 16, there are lane closures to get onto the A41 at Apex Corner towards Stanmore. There are also lane closures on other routes approaching Apex Corner.

As a result, it has gridlocked Apex Corner which in turn has had a knock-on effect on several other routes.

Harrow Times: Google Maps shows how heavy the traffic is approaching Apex CornerGoogle Maps shows how heavy the traffic is approaching Apex Corner

Today, there have been long queues on the A41 from Hendon towards Apex Corner, which has caused major issues at Mill Hill Circus in both directions on the A41.

The A1 has also been at a standstill southbound from before Stirling Corner in Borehamwood to Apex Corner, which is prompting motorists to head into Elstree and Arkley making these areas busier than usual.

The A41 has also been queueing from Stanmore towards Apex Corner because of a lane closure, while several roads in the Edgware and Mill Hill Broadway area are also severely disrupted.

This includes Hale Lane, Deansbrook Road, Deans Lane, Selvage Lane, and Mill Hill Broadway.

Traffic is extremely heavy this evening and it is very likely similar delays will occur.

The disruption is not set to ease until after June 16 when the westbound lane closures are lifted, but similar delays are expected again between June 20 and July 22 when those lane closures are reinstated.

For more details about the roadworks programme and for dates for when other closures will be in force click here.

This article initially stated that the westbound lane closures would be lifted on May 16 but current TfL information states it is June 16. We will be contacting TfL to find out if any measures can be taken to reduce the level of disruption being experienced by drivers.