The Museum of London will close for four years in December as it undergoes a major move and modernisation. 

Currently, the museum is based in the City of London at London Wall and has been since 1976.

But the museum will move to its new home in the historical former market site West Smithfields. 

The new building will be re-named The London Museum and is due to open in 2026, but, in 2025 a special festival will be held for Londoners to get a peek of the new site.

Harrow Times: The new site for the museum. (STANTON WILLIAMS/SECCHI SMITH)The new site for the museum. (STANTON WILLIAMS/SECCHI SMITH)

Whilst the Museum shuts, its other site in Docklands will remain open but the main premises will be shut off whilst the market buildings are redeveloped.

The new building will feature a larger space and will even have Thameslink Trains traveling through the galleries.

The space will give more room for new collections to be put on display and special exhibitions to go ahead. 

Including an exhibition on the history of protests that will feature the Trump Baby and artifacts of protests dating back to the Roman era. 

With the new space, the museum's opening hours will be extended too, with late nights on Fridays and Saturdays.