A pub landlord has been accused of breaking planning laws by cutting down a pair of cypress trees in its garden to free up space for outdoor garden pergolas. 

Environmental campaigners in Harrow said action should be taken against The Castle in Harrow-on-the-Hill. 

Harrow Council granted the pub planning permission in November to replace two large parasols with open-sided pergolas. 

However, campaigners said the pub has chopped down two mature conifers,  and trimmed another, to enable the new structures to be built.

They also said natural light and water were prevented from reaching the base of the remaining tree as the pergolas have been built around it.  

Harrow’s Green Party said it went against a condition of the planning permission, which states “none of the existing trees on the site shall be lopped, topped, felled or uprooted without the prior written permission of the local planning authority”.

Council officers explained the trees were considered an “important amenity feature” and that they “should be protected”. 

In response to a concerned resident that trees could be lost, they repeated that “a condition will be imposed to ensure all trees on site are retained”. 

Former parliamentary candidate Emma Wallace, a member of the Harrow Green Party, said: “The pub went against its agreed planning permission, cutting down a number of healthy trees and constructing a new building around the remaining dismembered tree, despite it being protected under agreed planning permissions and in the Harrow-on-the-Hill conservation area.

“Whilst The Castle may agree to plant new trees as a replacement for those already lost, this will not make up for the loss of mature trees, which were part of the protected conservation zone on the Hill, acting as a visual and sound barrier for local residents who live near the pub’s garden, whilst also adding to the aesthetics of the area.”

She added there have been calls for the council’s planning department to take enforcement action and for the initial permission to be reviewed. 

Harrow Council and The Castle have been contacted for comment.