The Chief Executive of NHS Providers has said that London "appears to be over the worst" of the Omicron variant.

Chris Hopson appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss how the average hospitalisation rates in London were falling in early January compared to the period just after Christmas.

He said: "For the moment we can probably say London appears to be over the worst.

"But the bit we need to be waiting for is to see is there any impact in terms of infection rates, but then also in hospitalisations, that really follows the mixing that clearly went on over the New Year period.

"It's too early to say 'yes it's all fine, we're over the worst' but there is some emerging good news.

He added: "The other bit I would also say is that the thing that's very striking is if you asked us around a month ago when we first came across Omicron and you said 'What is the NHS most worried about?' what we would have said to you was 'very large numbers of seriously ill older people'.

"That's what we saw last January when we had 34,000 simultaneously hospitalised Covid patients, and the interesting bit is every single Chief Executive I'm speaking to is saying they're not seeing those large numbers of seriously ill older people."