A pair of drug dealers are facing jail after they were caught on camera bragging about being so rich that they could throw “fivers in the bin”.

Shakeel Amin, 29, and Zain Mushtaq, 22, filmed themselves laughing for the camera while discarding many five-pound notes as they counted their cash in a bedroom.

The footage captures Mushtaq asking Amin "Shakeel, what do we do with fivers?" - before chuckling: "We stash them in the bin."

Saad Essa, 24, of Harrow, was found guilty of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs following a six-week trial after police found Essa was affiliated with Amin and Mushtaq.

The video was played to a court as the pair admitted being part of a gang supplying class A and B drugs across Nottinghamshire.

Messages were also found on Mushtaq’s phone, which also held a drugs list and further videos bragging about designer jewellery and clothing and photos of large wads of cash and stashes of cannabis.


Shakeel Amin was captured in a video (Photo: SWNS)

Shakeel Amin in the video (Photo: SWNS)

Amin was arrested after he was caught undertaking four drug deals in one day in May 2019 and Mushtaq was arrested for a separate manner.

Later the same day, plain clothes officers watched Amin attend a garage where they kept the stash in Bolton Close, West Bridgford, Notts.

Police found a significant amount of cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, in addition to 10 kilos of boric acid - a cutting agent used to bulk out cocaine.

Further warrants were then conducted at other addresses where more class A and B drugs were recovered.

Amin, of Beechdale, Nottingham, and Mushtaq, of Mapperly, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply controlled drugs alongside four other defendants.


The video showed two of the dealers talking about throwing away £5 notes (Photo: SWNS)

The video showed two of the dealers talking about throwing away £5 notes (Photo: SWNS)

Ben Jones, 26, and Shamus Gulfraz, of no fixed address, Rabeena Kausser, 34, of The Meadows, Nottingham and Heather McCrory, 27, of Bulwell, also admitted the charge.

Essa, from Harrow, was found guilty along with ringleader Jamil Amin, 31, and Kieran Neilson, 22, of Aspley, Nottingham.

They will all be sentenced at Derby Crown Court on December 16.

Detective Constable Steven Fenyn from Nottinghamshire Police said: “This was a lengthy but ultimately worthwhile investigation, involving many complex operations, warrants and covert tactics to bring the entire group to justice.

“One phone being seized led to an entire drugs conspiracy to be exposed, and it was important to remain patient and strike at the right moment to ensure we had the evidence we needed and the ability to bring all nine members of the group into custody.

“This is a firm warning to anyone involved in drug dealing that this is taken extremely seriously and we work proactively with a variety of different teams within the force to carry out the necessary observations, action and enforcement to ensure illegal drugs are taken off Nottinghamshire’s streets.

“The number of not guilty pleas certainly presented a challenge to us, but we were ultimately able to prove their involvement to the courts during the trial.

"I am very pleased with the verdict that has come out of this – it is a testament to the team and their dedication to the operation.

"We now await sentencing of all nine defendants.”