Two 14-year-old boys have been arrested after a video was shared online of a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) being abused.

The video recorded at Bridge Road, opposite Ark Academy in Wembley, yesterday (October 18) at around 3.50pm shows one teenager grabbing a PCSO and pushing him to a wall.

Footage shows that the PCSO was then dragged to the floor and hit, before two boys ran away.

In the video, the person recording can be heard encouraging the behaviour, the teasing the PCSO to “pick up your hat” after he was dropped to the floor.

Metropolitan Police have now confirmed that two boys, 14, were arrested on suspicion of Actual Bodily Harm.

According to the force, the PCSO is receiving “full support” and he did not sustain any lasting injuries.

The Met said: “Abuse and violence directed at officers just doing their job is never acceptable.”