Northwick Park Hospital’s longest serving volunteer has died after 48 years’ service at the NHS Trust.

Audrey Alpe, aged 88, first joined the hospital in Harrow in 1973, and remained working for the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust for nearly half a century.

She volunteered in various parts of the hospital, but eventually settled in dermatology where she spent the past twenty years.

Over her time volunteering at the hospital, she won the Volunteer of the Year award in 2016 and was then presented with a Gold Lifetime Award for 45 years of service two years later.

Shirlee Hunte, who manages the trust’s voluntary service, said: “I was saddened to hear that Audrey had passed away. She was always friendly, reliable and ready to lend a hand which is the most you can ask from a volunteer.

“Audrey would at times share some interesting and funny stories about her early days volunteering at Northwick Park. She was a local resident who spent her whole life in Harrow and had great community spirit.”

Now the NHS Trust has announced her death at 88, after a long-term illness.