Residents groups are calling for an old Debenhams building rather than a former golf club to become a controversial banqueting hall after 600 complaints about current plans.

At least 600 complaints have been made about current plans for a hall at the former Stanmore and Edgware Golf Course.

Developer Sairam Holdings wants to relocate when the current site in Wealdstone makes way for the planned new Harrow Civic Centre.

Campaigners argue the recently vacated Debenhams building in Harrow town centre would be an “ideal location”. 

The banqueting hall, a large space used for weddings and other parties, would cater for at least 500 people.

It has been met with strong opposition from those living near the golf course, who argue it would have a detrimental impact on the area. 

Residents associations have now suggested the Debenhams site, which was put up for sale in July, be looked at as a possible alternative. 

Representatives from the Save Our Brockley Hill Neighbourhood Group and Brockley Hill Residents Association said: “It’s something that we would like to push – it’s an ideal location for a venue of this nature. 

“The town centre location can be easily reached by public transport and there are plenty of car parking spaces next door, it would replicate their current model in Wealdstone. 

“We have had such a bad year due to the pandemic and many places in the town centre have closed down – this would bring people to the area and liven it back up.”

The application was deferred by Harrow Council in June and is set to be discussed again at a planning meeting on September 1. 

Madhu Khanderia, chairman of the Save Our Brockley Hill Neighbourhood Group, wrote a letter to the council’s planning boss.

He said the impact it would have on parking and traffic and the loss of community facilities would be damaging to the area.

He also criticised the effect it would have on green belt land and the negative impact on local biodiversity. 

Mr Khanderia explained he and his colleagues were not necessarily opposed to the site’s redevelopment, but called for something which would enhance the area in an appropriate manner, such as replacement sporting facilities or suitable new housing. 

Harrow Council said it would relay all new information to the applicant and council officers before any further consultation.

The agent for the application, HGH Consulting, has been contacted for comment.