Motorists using some streets in the Harrow area may face disruption from the end of this month due to temporary closures for roadworks.

Notices placed by Harrow Council in this week’s edition of the Harrow Times outline the intention to seek orders that will affect Milne Field and The Avenue, Headstone Lane and Streatfield Road.

Milne Field, at its junction with Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, is set to be closed from 5pm on May 30 until 6am the following day for utility works.

The order, if made, will remain in effect until July 31, but the work is expected to be completed by May 31.

In addition while the work is carried out, vehicles will be prevented from waiting or loading at any time in The Avenue in these locations:

The west side, between the extended northern kerb-line of Uxbridge Road and a point opposite the northern boundary or Carlton House.

The east side, between a point opposite the southern boundary of No. 2 The Avenue and a point ten metres north of the northern boundary of No. 2

Utility works are also set to lead to the temporary closure of a section of Headstone Lane between 9pm and 8am from May 29.

Vehicles will be prevented from entering or exiting Headstone Lane, between a point opposite the western boundary of Nos. 256/258 and a point opposite the eastern boundary of Nos. 252/254.

This order, if approved, will remain in force until July 1, but the work should be finished by June 1.

Streatfield Road, between its junctions with Honeypot Lane/Queensbury Circle Parade and Langland Crescent, is due to be closed to vehicles from 8am on May 31, again for utility works.

This order, if made, will stay in effect until July 7, but the work is anticipated to be completed by June 7.

For full details of these notices, including diversions, visit the public notices section of our website.