A pensioner believes he has been treated as a “cash cow” after receiving his first ever parking ticket in a space he has used for decades.

Joe Posner, of Roxborough Park, Harrow, said he was left “confused” after he was fined in March for parking in a lay-by in Old Redding.

The 86-year-old explained the spot has always been popular with drivers – he has been parking there for more than 25 years without issue – as there are no signs to suggest this is illegal.

However, Harrow Council said fines can be issued for “off-road” parking that could obstruct pedestrians or damage the land and this does not need to be signposted.

Mr Posner’s case is one of several in the same area – in 2020, two other people came forward with complaints after receiving “unfair” penalty charge notices (PCNs) in Old Redding.

He said it was particularly “annoying” since he has never received a ticket in almost 70 years of driving, only to be caught by something “ridiculous”.

He added there is “no danger” to anybody by parking there, while anyone travelling on foot would use the clearly marked pavement on the other side of the road.

“The council should recognise that area as parking and treat it as such instead of using council taxpayers as a cash cow,” he said.

“I have been parking in this same place for over 25 years of living in the area and have never seen or received a PCN.”

In response to Mr Posner’s concerns, Harrow Council suggested he had parked on a path that could be used by pedestrians.

It added this rule – which is in operation 24/7 – is there to protect residents, “especially blind people or people with prams”, as well as the paving and underground pipes.

A spokesman for the council said: “Motorists are permitted to park with four wheels on the carriageway anywhere in Old Redding as long as they are parked within 50cm of the kerb or edge of the carriageway and not on any waiting or loading restrictions during the restricted period.

“They should also not cause an obstruction with their vehicle (e.g., parking adjacent to a traffic island, opposite other parked vehicles or where the road is too narrow) which is an offence that the police have the powers to enforce.”