POLICE will begin clamping down on gun crime during the festive period to help the public "party safe" at London nightclubs.

Officers from Operation Trident, the Met's black-on-black gun crime division, will be carrying out a series of operations to ensure public safety in the run up to the new year, focusing on nightclubs in the capital.

The operations have been launched following 15 shootings over the past three years during the festive period - ten were at nightclubs.

Detective Chief Superintendent Helen Ball, head of Operation Trident, said: "We have been working closely with London's clubs and DJs to ensure that nightclubs have appropriate security for the extended party season over Christmas.

"If the public are not being searched at the door, then the club could be leaving themselves vulnerable and allowing weapons into their premises.

"In past years, we have seen innocent people literally caught in the cross fire at Nightclubs and this is not acceptable.

"We want party goers to ensure they are picking the right venues, with the right security to keep them safe."

Armed officers will be stopping cars believed to be connected to firearms, using tactics similar to Operation Neon, which took place in October.