Wembley Stadium could host nine additional non-sporting events at full capacity each year if proposals are approved by the council.

An application for more events, primarily music concerts, that could be attended by up to 90,000 people will be assessed by Brent Council’s planning committee today (Wednesday, April 7).

If approved, it means the stadium could host 24 non-sporting events each year, an increase from the 15 currently permitted.

This is on top of the 22 full capacity sporting events allowed each year, excluding European Championship or World Cup football matches where England is a host nation.

According to current planning permission, three additional sporting events can be held each year provided they replace two non-sporting ones – this condition would be continued in the more recent application.

There have been several objections to the proposals, with many of those living nearby concerned about the impact of an increased number of events each year.

According to the planning officers’ report on the application, residents’ concerns relate to increased “anti-social behaviour, transport issues, air quality and noise” during events at Wembley.

It acknowledges the “challenges” that come with hosting events – and the “high level” of impact on the surrounding area – but noted there would be “mitigation measures” in place to help manage this.

These include plans to reduce the number of cars visiting the site on event days, with “sustainable travel patterns” promoted.

Furthermore, officers explained, there would be additional payments put forward by the stadium’s management to tackle anti-social behaviour which could include, for example, resources for additional toilets.

They also highlighted the economic benefits extra events would have on the wider area and, on balance, recommended the committee approve the plans.

The meeting can be viewed on the council’s website at 4pm.