A senior council officer guaranteed there will not be any delays in administering second doses of Covid-19 vaccines to those scheduled to have them.

Carole Furlong, director of public health at Harrow Council, responded to concerns around shortages of vaccines coming into the UK and the impact this could have on the programme.

In a newsletter sent out to residents on Saturday (March 27), she stressed measures are in place to ensure second doses are given out on time.

She said: “The recent vaccine supply issues that the Government set out last week have meant that our GPs are having to make some changes to ensure everyone does get their second dose when it is needed.

“Rest assured though, there will be enough vaccines in Harrow to guarantee that everyone can have their second dose.”

Ms Furlong said the overall vaccine rollout in Harrow is “going well” – figures presented to a council health and wellbeing board on Tuesday (March 23) showed at least 87 per cent of people in all four key groups, those in care homes, those clinically vulnerable, over 80s and over 75s, had received their first jab.

At this same meeting, NHS Harrow said it had acknowledged the likely dip in vaccine doses but that this would “pick up” as the year goes on.

In spite of the successes so far, as well as good news around restrictions easing from today (Monday, March 29) and London recording zero Covid-19 deaths yesterday, Ms Furlong urged people living in Harrow to remain vigilant.

She added: “Once you have had one or both doses of the vaccine you must continue to get tested, wash hands and socially distance because you can still catch and transmit the virus to others.

“The reduction in restrictions is something to welcome but not to be complacent about. The virus is still out there and not everyone has yet had their jabs – so please remember to stay Covid safe.”