A campaigner is calling for tiled murals showcasing Wembley’s footballing history to be on display during the upcoming European Championships.

Philip Grant, of Wembley History Society, is contesting Brent Council’s claim that the murals, at the Bobby Moore Bridge underpass, can be covered by advertising boards during this summer’s tournament.

He wants to see the portion of the wall showing two England footballers in front of the iconic ‘twin towers’ at the old Wembley Stadium to be on display.

This is despite council officers’ argument that property developer Quintain has permission to cover the entire underpass with advertising ‘light boxes’ during Euro 2020, which is being held a year later due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Writing to Mr Grant, Brent Council’s director of legal, HR, audit and investigations Debra Norman explained that, following consultation with Wembley History Society, the ‘footballers mural’ is on display for the bulk of the year, with other murals “exposed occasionally”.

However, she said this was under the condition light boxes could be installed along the entirety of the underpass during “a limited number of specific event days”.

Mr Grant questioned the legitimacy of this, noting a portion of a planning application in 2019 which stated: “A 9.4-metre-long section of the original tiled mural located on the east wall and referencing England footballers and the Wembley ‘twin towers’ will remain uncovered and visible to the general public.”

He also suggested the exposure of the murals, especially a footballing one, during Euro 2020 would be of great interest to the public and any visiting fans.

“Why are Brent fighting so hard to allow Quintain to cover the ‘footballers’ mural with adverts, including during the Euros football tournament this summer?” he said.

“It appears that Brent Council are prepared to sacrifice thousands of people being able to enjoy the mural, in return for ‘a few dollars more’.”

Wembley Historical Society has consistently campaigned for the murals to be on permanent display, describing them as “heritage assets” that are “worthy of protection”.

It views the underpass as a gateway to the area from Wembley Park Station that should be used to reflect its history.

Mr Grant has welcomed the revealing of sporting murals – exhibiting scenes of American football, rugby league and ice hockey – that will be on display during March but is still pushing for more exposure of the tiles, least not during this summer’s international football tournament.