An estate agent says the installation of 5G equipment outside his office has “destroyed” his business – leaving it “invisible” behind a mast and cabinets.

Khurram Mirza complained to Harrow Council after a 15m mast and accompanying equipment boxes were placed in front of his shop, Cosmo Estates, in Harrow View, Harrow.

The installation was approved by the council last year, despite several objections from nearby properties.

Planning officers said any concerns about the decision should be directed to Greenhill ward councillors.

But Mr Mirza said he “does not understand” how structures of this size can be placed directly in front of a place of a workplace.

He added some customers thought he had moved since they could no longer see his office, something that was particularly disappointing after he spent thousands of pounds refurbishing it.

In a letter to the council, Mr Mirza said: “This has been very stressful for me, especially in the current situation as business is hard.

“Having spent so much money to improve my office, I now have these cabinets that are affecting my business as it is no longer visible for customers to see or pass by.

“I do not understand how someone can just come outside your premises and place these blocks.

“I tried to explain to [planning officers] that your business is like your home, your pride and joy, and how stressful it is for one to not be able to look out of the window as all you see is these big boxes that are blocking views from both ends.”

The issue extends to the owner of the property, Ian Starling, who said the impact of the 5G equipment will devalue it.

“If you weren’t looking for the shop you wouldn’t know it’s there now,” he said.

“The council told me the Government wants to get 5G in place as quickly as possible, but I don’t know how they can get away with this – it’s like putting a huge cabinet outside your front window.

“I’m at my wits’ end, it’s destroying our living.”

Mr Starling suggested the issue could be resolved by moving the equipment a few metres up the street where it would not block any properties and called on councillors to push for this immediately.

Harrow Council has been contacted for comment.