A new coding centre has launched for children to take on programming skills and challenges.

The Pinner Code Ninjas centre at Bridge Street opened on September 5 to welcome children aspiring to venture into the world of coding.

A grand opening party took place and guests included Cllr Norman Stevenson and businessman Lord Rami Ranger CBE.

The centre hopes to teach children to think and solve STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) problems using coding, and to provide parents with a convenient and educative service.

Children can attend up to two sessions a week, and coding camps will also be run over school holidays from Mondays to Fridays.

One of Code Ninjas Pinner's owners, Prasad Prabhakaran, said: "We had a fantastic grand opening day on Saturday. It was great to see so much enthusiasm from our new ninjas as they arrived. Code Ninjas is not just fun, but also very educational, which is vital after so much missed education these past few months."

Seventy-plus families visited, with over 100 children engaged in games and quizzes at the grand opening day.

Code Ninjas’ sessions include CREATE, which children aged 5-14 can work through after school and on weekends, and coding camps that last for anything between one day to one week.

To register or find out more about Code Ninjas visit www.codeninjas.com/locations/pinner-ldn-uk