Councillors in Brent were offered ‘social media advice’ following an incident in which an antisemitic video was posted to a community WhatsApp group.

Brent Council’s monitoring officer said members were given guidance around “careful use of social media”, which covered posting or sharing links – including reposts or retweets – unless they wish to be associated with them.

However, they were not offered training on racism or discrimination – how this can be recognised and how it can be damaging online.

It came following action taken against Cllr Aslam Choudry, who represents Dudden Hill ward, after he shared in a local support group a video that suggested the US is controlled by a “Jewish lobby”.

Cllr Choudry quickly deleted the link, explained he had inadvertently sent it and claimed he had certain eyesight issues which “had not helped”.

He subsequently issued a public apology and was ordered to put forward a statement, which would be published on the council’s website.

It read: “I inadvertently shared an appalling and abhorrent antisemitic link for which I unreservedly apologise.

“The video link wrongly promotes offensive antisemitic tropes, falsely claiming that Jewish people control America. This is untrue, racist, and unacceptable.

“I can assure all concerned that I have absolutely no prejudice against any faith, or individual viewpoints and have always acted to stop any form of discrimination.

“I am sorry for the hurt and offence this has caused.”

Cllr Choudry added he would voluntarily undertake training on antisemitism, something that would not be enforced by the council’s monitoring officer since it is outside her department’s scope.

In her report, she noted: “The broader issues of how the link came to be readily available on Cllr Choudry’s phone, or how he came to copy that link before posting it to the WhatsApp group, while serious matters, are outside my remit to consider.”