Harrow Civic Centre was bathed in colour for the third time in weeks as the council paid tribute to the NHS.

It was lit up blue to mark the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the NHS and acknowledge the efforts of all who have served it.

This act was accompanied by a special ‘clapping event’ – similar to those carried out on Thursdays during the earlier stages of the Covid-19 outbreak – to thank NHS workers.

Harrow Council tweeted: “We thank all NHS staff for everything they do to keep us safe and in good health. In particular for their incredible efforts during the pandemic.”

This was the third time the civic centre had been lit up in recent weeks since new lights were installed to champion worthy causes.

Last month, purple lights were shone across its façade to recognise the Black Lives Matter movement and remember the death of George Floyd.

This was followed by commemoration of the third anniversary of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, as the site was bathed in green.

Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said it was “right” to acknowledge these causes.

“These symbolic events that cost the council very little are very important to our residents,” he said.

He added that the council has supported several causes, such as those valued by the LGBT community, by raising flags outside or hosting events at the civic centre.

Earlier today (July 6) councillors Nitin Parekh, Sue Anderson and Krishna Suresh helped hoist a flag honouring the victims of the Srebrenica Massacre, which took place 25 years ago.

Cllr Henson urged his fellow councillors, as well as Harrow residents, to get in touch if there are any other campaigns it can show solidarity with.