A Brent Council committee called for more clarity around the latest syllabus for religious education (RE) in the borough before it can be approved.

Its standing advisory council for religious education voted to schedule a further meeting to discuss the draft syllabus for next year.

The draft document outlined the importance of RE in the borough – noting that the UK is a primarily Christian country but with a diverse multi-faith make-up – and the desire to promote enquiry-based learning.

It also noted the ‘requirements’ for RE in Brent, including pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and guidance for teaching those with special needs and those in reception years.

However, those representing faith groups in Brent called for more information relating to the material that would accompany the syllabus’ key themes.

They were supported by teacher Lea Murray, who said she was expecting a more detailed draft at this stage.

She said: “The national curriculum is very clear on how it should be taught and we’re looking for the same clarity with the RE syllabus.

“The one in 2002 was very useful for 18 years because it was so clear.”

She called for more detail on support for teachers, as well as more information around pupils’ assessments.

Cllr Neil Nerva, representing Brent councillors on the committee, agreed that the draft document could do with some additional work but questioned whether there was a need to hold another formal meeting on the matter.

And while Steve Taylor, representing the Church of England, said he was happy to proceed with this draft, the majority went in favour of going back to the drawing board.

Brian Grady, operational director for safeguarding, partnerships and strategy at Brent Council, said an update on the next stage for the syllabus would be given to members by the end of this week.