People living close to a Tube station car park that has been earmarked for redevelopment to provide almost 130 new homes have written to their council urging them to reject the proposals.

Those living in High Worple, near Rayners Lane Station, said plans to build on the car park would have a serious impact on their quality of life.

They put forward a list of objections to the scheme – which would create 128 affordable homes in blocks up to six storeys high – and pleaded with Harrow Council’s planning committee to take them into account when making a decision.

Transport for London (TfL) in collaboration with housing association Catalyst, wants to make use of three London Underground station car parks in Harrow – Stanmore, Canons Park and Rayners Lane – to provide hundreds of new affordable homes.

But concerns among residents in Rayners Lane include the scale and design of the buildings, a loss of light and privacy, the loss of parking at the site and the impact this will have on traffic in the surrounding area, and the wider consequences for local infrastructure.

Raj Jesuthasan, who wrote the letter to Harrow Council on behalf of his community, said: “Residents affected have commented that these towers will be overbearing, brutal and an unattractive change in an already crowded area.

“It will destroy what remains of the neighbourhood and result in the loss of valuable local amenities essential for sustainable work-life balance.

“In the view of the local community it is an unsympathetic, inappropriate overdevelopment in the proximity of historic buildings and a conservation area whose approval will damage the heritage, character and environment of the neighbourhood.

“My greatest concerns are that there has been little or no real effort made to assess the likely consequences of this development, nor consultations on the impact, as is normal due diligence in such applications.”

Mr Jesuthasan added that it is “unfair” to discuss planning applications during the Covid-19 pandemic as many people’s minds will be elsewhere.

He said: “I also believe that this application should be delayed due to the current situation in the country.

“When life returns to something like normality, the local community can have a fair opportunity to present their views and for the council to consider the wider public interests.”

TfL noted that the applications were scheduled to be put forward in Spring this year but, due to the pandemic, were pushed back to June in agreement with Harrow Council.

Jonathan Cornelius, head of property development at TfL, said: “Our plans at Rayners Lane will deliver 100 per cent affordable housing with sustainable links into central London and a new wildlife garden.

“The development, which would be delivered with our partner Catalyst, will see the 128 new affordable homes built on the current station car park while retaining 75 commuter spaces and new cycle spaces.

“We’ve engaged extensively with the public over the last year on our plans and will continue to do so.

“These proposals are part of our wider plans for Harrow, which will see more than 500 much-needed affordable homes built in north-west London.”