A community has urged its council to help move a tipper truck that has been abandoned for more than three months.

Those living near the junction at Kenmore Avenue and Hartford Avenue, Harrow, bemoaned the lack of action over the truck, which they say has caused a series of problems.

Raffi Goetcherian, of Kenmore Avenue, said this includes parts being stolen, people dumping things in the truck’s bed, and others smoking drugs in the cab.

There have also been issues with noise from people hanging around the truck, while there are concerns it will block up the streets once school buses are operating again.

Mr Goetcherian added that he and his neighbours contacted Harrow Council, the Metropolitan Police and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) but have yet to see any impact.

He explained that the truck has not been reported as stolen and police officers said they can only act if there is evidence of illegal activity.

He said he appreciates there are several more important issues facing the country at present but urged at least one official body to take responsibility.

According to the Government, local authorities have a responsibility to deal with abandoned vehicles.

However, they are given discretion as to what constitutes abandoned – this could include if it has been left for a significant amount of time, has a number plate missing, or is damaged or burned out.

According to Harrow Council’s webpage covering abandoned vehicles, they should be reported if they look damaged, dangerous or unroadworthy, such as having broken windows or missing tyres.

Residents should contact the police if a vehicle is obstructing an access point, while the DVLA is a point of contact if the vehicle is untaxed – this can be checked online.