Harrow Council said it would be prepared for any second wave of the coronavirus outbreak.

Cllr Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said councillors and officers had “learnt a lot” during the pandemic and would be prepared should the region suffer similar issues in the future.

He said the prospect of a second wave is “always troubling my mind” but is confident the council could react quickly to minimise any spread if another spike occurred.

Sean Harriss, chief executive of Harrow Council, backed up these claims and said the council’s way of operating during such a crisis would be smoother given the experience of the initial peak.

He said he would expect the council to “carry on as normal in a virtual world”, including an increase in the “rhythm and frequency” of council meetings.

Mr Harriss noted that the council’s management teams had to “move at speed” to take the necessary decisions during the pandemic.

This includes delegating powers to senior officers where they would previously have gone through various councillor-led committees.

However, he suggested the process behind any decisions taken have been “shared extensively with the council leader, cabinet members and the (Conservative) opposition”.

Cllr Adam Swersky, responsible for finance and emergency response at Harrow Council, said: “The level of engagement has, if anything, increased – even if it’s been in a more informal manner as opposed to meetings.”