A massive block party attended by hundreds with zero regard for social distancing was broken up by police last night.

Images circulating on social media show hundreds of young people gathering in Harlesden to drink and dance in close proximity, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The Metropolitan Police, deploying police helicopters, dispersed the crowds gathered in the area of Gifford Road making one arrest in the process.

However residents say that after police attended the scene, the party continued many hours into the early morning.

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Harrow Times: Many police officers tried to disperse the scene (Photo: Twitter)Many police officers tried to disperse the scene (Photo: Twitter)

Footage seen by the Harrow Times shows many people dancing up close, drinking and participants jumping fences.

At one point near 1am, fireworks were set off at the party.

Police helicopters were seen flying around the area for many hours as they surveyed the gathering.

Harlesden councillor Joshua Murray said: "As a Harlesden councillor, I'm embarrassed of what's happened tonight.

"I will be working with community leaders to find solutions because at the end of the day, my residents are suffering because few people want to have a dance during a weekday when people have work the next day."

Lisa Blanco, who reposted footage of the incident on Twitter, said: "Seriously? This is happening on Church rd Harlesden right now!! Can hear helis above. Guess no1 gets any sleep 2night. Selfish idiots.

Last night Brent MPS Tweeted: "Police are currently in the area of Gifford Road, #NW10, following reports of a unlicensed music event.

"Officers are engaging and dispersing a large group of people gathered in the area. There has been one arrest.

"The National Police Air Service (NPAS) is providing assistance."

Brent has the second highest recorded Covid-19 cases in London, with 1,476 cases.

Croydon has the most cases in London, with 1,511 cases.