An initiative asking religious groups across Harrow to come together and take a weekly moment of prayer will be launched this evening.

The ‘Call to Prayer’ campaign, orchestrated by British Heart Foundation fundraiser Rehana Choudry, wants people of all faiths in the borough to pause and reflect on life during the coronavirus pandemic at 6pm.

Several churches in Harrow will also ring their bells during this time to mark the initiative, and Mrs Choudry hopes to make it a weekly occurrence akin to the ‘clap for our carers’ campaign.

She has also distributed ‘Call to Prayer Heart’ posters for people to put in their windows, inspired by the numerous rainbows people have displayed in tribute to key workers.

“The ‘Call to Prayer’ initiative is a response to Covid-19 to pray regularly as one community for the pandemic to end,” she said.

“Harrow has been harshly hit by the virus with a large number of fatalities – not to forget the pressures faced by Northwick Park Hospital.

“I am truly grateful for the support of faith leaders at central places of worship in Harrow such as St Mary’s Church at Harrow-on-the-Hill, Harrow Central Mosque and St Georges Church, Pinner View, where the vicar is remembering this initiative during daily 6pm prayers.”

Mrs Choudry initially started the project to generate a sense of community at a time when many feel “isolated, not only physically but also spiritually and mentally”.

She added that the UK, and Harrow in particular, has “always welcomed cultural and religious diversity” and this is what makes it a great place to live.

In addition to the weekly moment of reflection, Mrs Choudry is fundraising on behalf of the British Heart Foundation, which has set up a designated helpline to support those affected by Covid-19.

Visit for more information and how to donate.