WHAT'S the difference between a pub and a bar? The dictionary defines both as an outlet licensed to sell alcohol yet I would never describe the Slug and Lettuce as a pub.

This is most definitely a bar in the modern sense of the word. With its laid back atmosphere, obligatory chill out album, romantic lighting and artistic decor this drinking outlet is unquestionably more Posh Spice than Queen Victoria.

OK, the so-called 'unique character' of the bar is replicated in every town or city up and down the country - but this spacious, contemporary watering hole suits me for an after work swiftie or a quiet few with friends.

The seating choice was the first thing that struck me as I entered. Would I choose the stools and high tables, the small candlelit tables or the oversized sofas which look impossible to prise yourself off after a few too many sociable ones?

As with all these European style bars, a full range of cappuccinos and cafe lattes is available alongside an impressive selection of wine and liqueurs, complemented by a huge menu offering everything from breakfast to main meals.

Of course, such a continental ambience doesn't come cheap and at £2.70 for a pint of Guinness, £1.70 for a cappuccino and a bowl of chips starting at £2.50, you have to pay for such elegant slumming.

The bar staff were friendly and accommodating, the service very prompt and the clinically clean bartop and tables reflect a high level of attention to smaller details.

None more so than in the men's toilets which were spotless and contained soap, toilet roll and a working hand dryer. Something of a rarity in male toilets these days. Publicans be warned - it is these small details many of you choose to ignore that we consumer testers are keeping a keen eye on.