A Greek Orthodox priest blessed a veterinary practice to help the animals brought to the clinic, as part of tradition.

Medivet in Kenton was blessed with an ancient tradition which aims to distribute wealth to the poor, in hopes that animals brought to the practice find health and healing.

Father Anastasios Salapatas, from the neighbouring Greek Orthodox church called St Panteleimon, performed the ancient blessing ritual.

Rosemary was dipped into holy water and sprinkled across the room as he chanted prayers to help the loss fortunate.

The tradition is meant to bring the community to bless people in the area and spread best wishes for health and prosperity in the coming year.

Dr Lalia Liakouras, the regional director at the practice who is also of Greek origin, said: “I believe that it is important to forge bonds with our community.

“Events such as these are an important way to share in the rich cultural history of all the communities in the area.

“We are privileged that Fr. Anastasios was able to join us.”

After the service, the guests and staff were treated to a specially commissioned cake with a coin placed inside called a Vasilopita.

The purpose of the coin is that whoever finds it within their slice, is said to be blessed for the year to come.

Hef, a cat at the clinic, was the fortunate one to have the blessed slice and should expect a prosperous 2020.

Barbara Graf, the lead surgeon, said: “We are lucky enough to be part of a multi-cultural community in this area of London and this is, of course, reflected in our diverse client base.

“This year, thanks to the support of our Greek regional director Lalia, the whole team were able to experience a wonderful New Year blessing and the traditional cutting of a special and tasty cake.”