Campaigners are warning shoppers about the possibility of British food standards being tarnished if a UK-US trade deal goes through.

Fake food packaging has been spotted at supermarkets around Stanmore including Sainsbury’s and Lidl as part of a national campaign to alert shoppers of the risk that a US trade deal with the UK pose.

The campaign in motion fears that a future trade deal could introduce American food standards to the UK, such as using chlorine to wash raw chicken and kill pathogens.

A leaked 451-page dossier from the Department for International Trade in November 2019 revealed that British food standards could become Americanised such as using chlorine to wash raw chicken and kill pathogens.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced on February 3 that there is “no need” for the UK to follow EU rules on trade, which could change how the UK deals with food and product safety.

Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state, recently insisted that chlorinated chicken must be part of a post-Brexit trade agreement as it would be a “really good deal” for shoppers.

TrumpInYourTrolley is a campaign to place fake food packaging in local supermarkets to educate and raise awareness of the harm that American food standards could have.

Harrow Times:

Found in a Lidl branch in Stanmore (Photo: Linda Robinson)

The campaign group referenced a Sustain study which warned that US style food standards could increase food poisoning deaths and cost the NHS at least £1billion extra per year.

Harrow Times:

Found in a Sainsbury's branch in Stanmore (Photo: Linda Robinson)

Linda Robinson, from Harrow’s 38 Degrees campaign group, is taking part in the activist campaign.

She said: “These products are not yet available in the UK, but they could be after a trade deal with Trump – and that’s no joke.

“Secret talks have already started between the US and the UK over a deal, and leaked documents have shown government officials discussing how to ‘sell’ American food standards to the British public.

“But we don’t want to be force fed chlorine-washed chicken or any other nasties.”

Stanmore is just one of many areas where the educative campaign has spread.

The boxes are branded with ‘Lowest Quality Guaranteed’ tags and show a man in a mask spraying pesticide on a selection of food items.

To find out more about the campaign, visit here.