A man was left “devastated” after a “perfectly healthy” tree was cut down near his home.

Jerry O’Sullivan mourned the loss of a tree in Lyon Meade, Stanmore, that was felled, in his view, without “any rationale”.

Mr O’Sullivan said the removal of the tree has changed the entire landscape of his road.

He said the tree was in “perfect condition” and criticised Harrow Council for removing it without notifying neighbours.

“I’m so upset by this, it’s an absolute sin. There was no reason to cut it down and it’s been done in such a sly manner – they didn’t even let us know it was happening,” he said.

“The street looks completely different now – it’s barren, it’s cold and it just looks so empty.”

Mr O’Sullivan urged the council at least to remove the stump and think about ways that replacement trees could be planted in the area.

A council spokesman explained that the tree had to be removed as part of an insurance claim from another property on the road after it was linked to structural damage.

He added that, as a rule, local residents are not notified when it comes to single fells.