People living near a site blighted by fly-tipping could have to pay extra to help tackle the issue.

Harrow Council has suggested installing a gate in an alleyway in Rosebank Avenue, Sudbury, to prevent people dumping rubbish next to bins on the pavement.

The bins should be stored in an alleyway, but cannot be due to the build-up of the rubbish there.

But residents affected by the situation would be asked to help cover the costs of installation.

There have been several complaints about the bins in the street, the presence of which has led to people dumping extra bags alongside them.

Residents say the issue has been “ongoing” for the best part of a decade with no-one taking responsibility.

A spokesman for Harrow Council said the bins should be locked in the alleyway – which would reduce fly-tipping.

He added that the land is on the border between Harrow and Brent – with the bulk in Harrow – and is ‘orphaned’ meaning neither local authority has responsibility for the area.

“Although this land is not our responsibility to clear or maintain, we are working with residents and businesses to address the issue,” he said.