Schools will be better funded if Labour wins the upcoming General Election, according to a leading teachers’ union.

The National Education Union (NEU) highlighted an online tool which shows how different governments would impact on schools in the UK.

Primary school teacher Louise Crimmins, NEU branch secretary for Harrow, suggested that most schools in the borough are likely to suffer if the Conservatives are elected on December 12.

Using she pointed out that more than 90 per cent of schools in Harrow will be worse off in real terms compared to 2015 if Boris Johnson wins a majority.

She said: “‘The information is clear for every parent, teacher, head teacher and member of school staff.

“On the website, they can immediately see how the funding for their school depends on who forms the next Government.

“We don’t tell people who to vote for. But we would ask them to do their homework before they vote, and we do ask them to vote for education.”

According to the website, under the Tory manifesto, there will be cuts equating to £444 per pupil in Harrow compared to four years ago.

Under a Labour government, funding would improve by £155 when measured against the same time period.

It suggested that, based on the Liberal Democrat’s pledges, funding would remain the same.

According to the research, schools in the borough would have benefitted from an extra £13.8 million this year had it not been for government cuts.

Labour-run Harrow Council has frequently criticised recent Governments for their approach to education.

In 2018, it passed motion to support campaigns against school cuts and called for better pay for teachers.

The Conservative manifesto promises a £14 billion boost in school funding across the country.

It also vows to support teachers by increasing salaries and investing in cultural activities such as arts, music and sport.