A national specialist hospital insists its long-awaited redevelopment is “progressing”, despite concerns from its local MP that it is being hampered by “NHS bureaucracy”.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, praised the first stage of the rebuild at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) in Stanmore noting that it goes alongside the “world class treatment” provided there.

But he urged health secretary Matt Hancock to “sweep away” what he views as unnecessary delays to ensure the next stages can be completed.

The RNOH received planning permission for a phased redevelopment from Harrow Council in August 2013.

A spokesman from the RNOH explained that development is “progressing”, with the next section – the ‘Western Development Zone’ (WDZ) – waiting to be cleared.

He noted that the relocation of the prosthetics and orthotics facilities at the WDZ is scheduled to start in mid-2020.

However, relocation and staff accommodation projects still need to be approved by the hospital’s trust board and the NHS approving bodies.

Mr Blackman also asked for the Government to “investigate” the “dismissal” of two non-executive directors at RNOH.

Prime minister Boris Johnson assured him that Mr Hancock would look into this.

The hospital spokesman said Bertie Leigh and Michael Rosehill had come to the end of their respective fixed-term agreements.

“The board and the RNOH appreciate the contribution of these two individuals that have taken us through a successful period for the RNOH,” he said.