Passers-by were shocked to find explicit pro-Brexit graffiti scrawled outside a library.

A message, which read ‘Brexit know – f**k off to ur oun country’ (sic), was discovered on Cricklewood Community Library, in Olive Road.

Barrister Richard O’Sullivan was on of those to notice the graffiti and took to social media to try to get it removed.

“Evidence that poor education breeds prejudice. Without a hint of irony this offensive illiteracy sits scrawled on the soon to reopen Cricklewood Library,” he tweeted.

Brent Council confirmed that the message was quickly washed away by those associated with the library.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are deeply disturbed by this graffiti vandalism as there no place for hate crime or division in Brent, which is one of the most diverse boroughs in the country.”

He added that anyone who has any information on this incident, or has seen similar graffiti nearby, should notify the police by calling 101.

Cricklewood Library hopes to reopen by the end of the year if it can collect a remaining £30,000 worth of donations.