Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visited Harrow this week as his party kicked off its General Election campaign.

He spoke at Flash Musical Theatre, in Methuen Road, Edgware to endorse Pamela Fitzpatrick as the Labour parliamentary candidate for Harrow East.

Ms Fitzpatrick, who currently serves as a Harrow councillor for Headstone South, said the country “needs to change” its Government.

She criticised those who describe the Labour as “extreme” and said she was “proud” to have Mr Corbyn – and his policies – leading the party.

Harrow East, which is considered a marginal seat, has been held by Bob Blackman since 2010.

Mr Blackman was reselected by the Conservatives earlier this year and voted for the December 12 election.

He said: “It is important to have an election – to get Brexit done so we can focus on domestic priorities such as the NHS, education, law and order, and national infrastructure.”

The Liberal Democrats will once again be represented in Harrow East by Adam Bernard.

His party has been clear on its stance on Brexit, announcing that it plans to keep the UK in the European Union if it comes to power.

He said: “I look forward to a campaign fought on the vital issues that affect the future of all of us in Harrow.

“Brexit – whether Johnson-flavoured or Corbyn-flavoured – risks isolating us as a nation, devastating our small businesses, ruining our public services, and making everyone poorer; it must be stopped.”

Those eligible to vote in this election must register by November 26.