An Organised Crime Group (OCG) who profited in millions by exploiting women in brothels and operating drugs has been jailed.

The group which operated a network of brothels across north London that controlled prostitutes and sold drugs and profited in more than £1million a year, were all sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on October 21.

Renato Sacchi, 43, and Flavia Sacchi, 23, of Southbourne Crescent, Hendon, and Raul Sacchi, 49 of Dean Street, Soho, were identified as the senior level of management who exercised control over all the brothels.

The Sacchi’s were found to spend the proceeds made from exploiting the sex workers on luxury holidays, vehicles, jewellery and upkeeping a lavish lifestyle.

The remaining defendants were employed as brothel maids and security guards for the various establishments around London, with the security carrying weapons like Tasers, pepper spray, cattle prods and baseball bats to protect the enterprise. The guards also oversaw the sale of alcohol and drugs from each of the venues.

Around London, the Met’s Central Specialist Crime Command established the brothels located at Wyndale Avenue, Kingsbury; Cricklewood Broadway and Cricklewood Lane; Aldershot Road, Kilburn; Norbreck Parade, Hanger Lane and Kensington High Street.

The investigation.

Throughout the course of the investigation one female came forward as a victim and told police she was forced to work in the brothels over the course of two months. Her movements were monitored by CCTV and the OCG threatened to have her family in Brazil killed if she tried to leave. In April 2017 the victim escaped and sought help from police.

On May 23, 2018, detectives conducted raids at Cricklewood Broadway and Kenton Court. They arrested one member Anotonio Teca Miranda, 34, of Grampian House, Edmonton. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs and possession of criminal property.

Miranda was sentenced to two years and six months’ imprisonment.

Further raids were conducted on February 6, 2019 and led to the arrest of the three Sacchi members.

During the search of the home address of Renato and Flavia Sacchi, fifteen packs of cash were found. Also found was a quantity of cash totalling around £50,000, two Tasers and a CS gas canister.

Flavia Sacchi pleaded party-way through the trial to conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, controlling prostitution for gain. She was then convicted following the conclusion of the trial for possession of criminal property and being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs.

She was sentenced to eight years and seven months imprisonment.

Harrow Times:

Flavia Sacchi (Picture: Met Police)

Raul Sacchi was convicted to the conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, controlling prostitution for gain and being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs. He was sentenced to nine years and six months’ imprisonment.

Harrow Times:

Raul Sacchi (Picture: Met Police)

Renato Sacchi pleaded guilty to conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, controlling prostitution for gain, being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs, possession of a prohibited weapon (two Tasers and a CS Gas canister) and possession of criminal property.

Harrow Times:

Renato Sacchi (Picture: Met Police)

Other people arrested in the raid on February 6 include:

Maria Jose Carvalho, 43, of Church Lane, Kingsbury – sentenced to three years imprisonment

Harrow Times:

Maria Jose Carvalho (Picture: Met Police)

Keagan Boyd, 34 of no fixed address - sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Harrow Times:

Keagan Boyd (Picture: Met Police)

Henim Almeida, 25, of no fixed address – sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.

Harrow Times:

Henim Almeida (Picture: Met Police)

Anna Paula De Almeida Prudente, 21, of Princess Avenue, Edgware. – sentenced to one year and two months’ imprisonment.

Harrow Times:

Anna Prudente (Picture: Met Police)

Tony Simao, of Yarnfield Square, Peckham, was also convicted of being concerned in the supply of Class A drugs and possession of a prohibited weapon (two Tasers). He will be sentenced at a later date.

Harrow Times:

Tony Simao (Picture: Met Police)

Throughout the investigation detectives examined mobile phones seized from the group. They found charts showing the structure of the OCG with distinct roles of “leadership”, “security” and “operator”. Raul Sacchi described this in correspondence as the “hierarchic flowchart”.

Integral to the operation of the brothels was the use of encrypted messaging. Renato and Raul Sacchi created various digital conversations: separate conversations for the maids at Wyndale Avenue and Norbreck Parade, for “security”, and for the entire staff. The administrators for each group were Renato, Flavia and Raul Sacchi, further cementing their role as the “Leadership”.

Detective Inspector Dan Mitchell from Central Specialist Crime said: “This lengthy and complex investigation has dismantled an Organised Crime Group who were exploiting women across London for their own financial gain.

“Through thorough examination of their devices, detectives found the group saw themselves as a legitimate business which they went to extreme lengths to protect. They employed and armed security guards and maintained control over all communication between their so-called employees.

“Individuals often are reticent or too afraid to come forward in modern slavery investigations, so it is our job to build a prosecution and dismantle OCGs like this with whatever evidence we can. Detectives spent months using a range of tactics to build a case against this group of criminals, taking an evidence-led approach, to ensure they were convicted and brought to justice. Anyone considering exploiting other human beings for financial gain should expect to face the same level of expert investigation and prosecution.”