Plans for a four-storey housing block in a “busy” area were rejected following concerns about its design, lack of affordable housing and the impact on transport.

Harrow Council’s planning committee rejected proposals for a 26-flat scheme at the junction of Eastcote Lane and Alexandra Avenue.

Residents opposed to the plans criticised what they saw as insufficient levels of parking, with 13 spaces proposed as part of the project.

They described the design as “unsightly” and “out of character” for the surrounding area and criticised the fact there would not be any affordable housing at the site.

Objector Myrtle Martin pointed out that there have been several recent housing schemes in the area but, since they are yet to be filled, their overall impact is unclear.

“The area is fast becoming overpopulated,” she said. “We don’t understand how this [scheme] could be allowed.

“Harrow is not becoming – but has already lost – the character it once had because of these monstrosities that are being built.”

Cllr Stephen Greek, who proposed a motion for refusal, suggested it represented an overdevelopment and that it was not in keeping with the area’s character.

“It has not been thought through significantly to the extent that I could support it,” he said.

He agreed the level of parking was inadequate – particularly given the low availability of public transport in the area – and that it was unrealistic to expect new residents to not use cars.

Despite assurance from the council’s highways team that the scheme is “acceptable” in its terms, the committee ruled in favour of Cllr Greek’s motion.