Homeowners at a block of new build flats claim they have had to fork out thousands of pounds due to various problems which include leaking roofs and mould.

Residents living in the Grove Court block of Lyon Square, a two-year-old Redrow development on Lyon Road, Harrow, has accused the developer of poor workmanship and deception.

Some issues, such as the roof and mould, have been resolved. But there are currently still problems with the gates around the development, hot water and heating.

Communication with development managers has also been difficult, residents claim.

Tumini Wilcox, who has lived at Lyon Square since December 2018, said her biggest concern is being “overcharged” by Redrow and management company Fell Reynolds for repairs, despite the faults being out of her control.

She added the main doors to the block do not close properly, meaning anyone can walk in without a fob.

Harrow Times:

A broken gate at the front of the development. (Photo: Tumini Wilcox)

Ms Wilcox and others living at the development said they were initially told they would be charged for the gate.

But when approached by the Harrow Times, Redrow said it would not be charging flat owners.

Ms Wilcox said communicating with Redrow has always been difficult, even before she moved into her apartment.

She said there are other issues within her flat, including the hot water tap installed incorrectly. But she admits she has yet to address these specific problems to Redrow.

Harrow Times:

Mould previously seen at the communal areas (Photo: Tumini Wilcox)

Mark Parker, regional chief executive of Redrow Greater London, responded: “All of our high-quality homes are built by hand and to Building Regulations and NHBC standards. Redrow provides a two-year warranty cover, plus a ten-year structural cover from NHBC, which allows for the repair of any issues identified in this period.

“Our head of customer services has visited Lyon Square on multiple occasions over the past few weeks to understand the extent of any issues raised.

“We are undertaking repairs to the development gates where a defect has been reported and residents are not incurring additional costs for this work.

“In recent weeks, we have also been made aware of disruption to the hot water supply, which was promptly reinstated by our contractors and understand that this issue is now resolved.

“We always seek a timely resolution to customer concerns and deal with these as they are raised. Across our business, more than 90 per cent of our surveyed customers said they would recommend Redrow to a friend or family member.”

Gareth Thomas, Labour MP for Harrow West, has taken interest in the concerns posed by the people of Lyon Square and will be meeting with Redrow to address these problems.

Mr Thomas said: “My constituents have found working with Redrow to resolve problems at Lyon Square very difficult, and I welcome the fact Redrow have finally agreed to meet with us and I hope they will come prepared and committed to resolving the host of problems that have been identified on the block.”