A listed building that formerly housed a police station could be turned into flats.

Harrow Council’s planning committee will assess proposals for a scheme at the site of the old Wealdstone Police Station, in High Street, on Wednesday (October 16).

There are plans to build six flats alongside a café and offices to make use of a vacant building and support the borough’s housing demands.

Despite the fact there would be some changes to a Grade II listed building, planning officers believe they would be “appropriate”.

In a report they noted that the project would bring a prominent town centre building back into use which would be “beneficial to the vibrancy and vitality” of the area.

They added that it is currently on Historic England’s ‘heritage at high risk register’ given its recent lack of use.

And the six one-bed flats proposed as part of the scheme were viewed as a bonus given the need for housing in Harrow.

Harrow Council consulted with more than 170 neighbouring properties and businesses and did not receive any objections to the plans.