Former England footballer and Olympian went to relive her past as a McDonald’s employee.

Kelly Smith, 40, who was born in Watford and was a former forward player for the Arsenal Women Football Club, went to work again at a McDonald’s branch.

Her blast-from-the-past was part of the ‘Made at McDonald’s’ campaign, which brings to life the opportunities and skills that a first job, part-time job or lifelong career at McDonald’s can provide.

Mrs Smith visited the McDonald’s store at Stanmore Cornerhouse, which made her reflect on her first time working at the McDonald's in St Albans Road, Garston, when she was 16 years old.

She said: “My first job at McDonald’s gave me valuable teamwork and leadership skills that helped me succeed in my footballing career.

“Coming back to McDonald’s has been great fun and I’m really grateful to the restaurant for all it has taught me.”

Harrow Times:

Staff at the store were more than excited to talk to the former player and listen to her life-stories.

During her shift at the store, she was able to talk to current staff and chat to them about her experiences working as a McDonald’s employee, and reflecting on the teamwork and leadership skills she gained which helped her further her sporting career.

Some of the skills which Mrs Smith was able to pick up include communication, time management, and general management of budgets, teams and schedules.

In a promotional video highlighting her shift, she said: “I was never a very confident person as a young kid, so having a job at McDonald’s really got me out of my shell.”

As a footballer, Mrs Smith became the England women’s team record goal scorer with 46 goals. She also played for Team GB at the 2012 London Olympics and later retired from football in 2015.

Other famous faces involved in the campaign include Sheffield United player, Chris Basham, and former star of Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers, Jay Hutton.